Act Now: We Must Decarbonize


Climate Symposium Main Stage
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As the real estate sector is responsible for 40% of all carbon emissions globally, the industry has both the obligation as well as the opportunity to make an extraordinary impact in creating a healthier, safer, cleaner, and more equitable planet. Learn from CRE's most respected sustainability leaders on their respective company missions, drivers and strategies to decarbonize their portfolios. 

In this panel, we address:

  • The moral and financial case for meaningfully adopting and investing in climate tech and ESG initiatives.
  • The extraordinary financial opportunities and incentives that the industry can experience by investing in these technologies.
  • The convergence of tenant demands, consumer priorities, and impending government regulations and how they will mandate the real estate industry to reduce its carbon footprint with a great sense of urgency.

Principal, 1Sharpe Ventures
1Sharpe Ventures
Helios Exchange
SVP - Property Management
RXR Realty LLC
SVP, Innovation, Sustainability & Social Impact
Hudson Pacific Properties
Vice President, Sustainability Products
JLL Technologies
Senior Vice President, Director of Energy, Sustainability & ESG
Empire State Realty Trust