The Reimagined Workplace: Mobile Apps & Employee Experience


Innovation Stage

We are moving towards a permanent hybrid workplace – one where people will occupy and move between ‘preferred work’ locations: at home, on the road, and in the office.

This creates a distributed workforce. The demand then – is to create an equitable and connected workplace solution for workers across places and things in real-time – regardless of their current working location.

The best workplace experience platforms lead with a holistic ecosystem that streamline multiple use case into one mobile app experience that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

The key here – is to keep your technology/tools employee-centric In this session, we will unveil the ways you can implement a ‘connected employee’ journey through mobile-led touchpoints, such as:

  • Managing and reserving physical spaces and workstations in shared desk model
  • Controlling occupancies to meet local guidelines
  • Delivering ongoing access to and reinventing amenities and perks
  • Providing meaningful, relevant, and personalized content
  • Leveraging location-aware technology to make spaces in the workplace safer and smarter
  • Incorporating sensors and IoT technology to maintain real-time accuracy
  • Integration location awareness that supports real employee and tenant use cases
  • Adoption is only possible by creating the highest-level end user experience, without it everything else is lost.

Enterprise Account Executive