The Rise of “S” in ESG and why Social initiatives create long-term value


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When most people think about environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues in commercial real estate, many often default to the usual suspects: energy use, water and greenhouse gas emissions. Now, amid the pandemic, social initiatives, such as healthy buildings, flexible work arrangements, racial justice, diversity, inclusion and gender equality are not only front-and-center but are likely far more important to companies seeking to build long term value. Addressing these issues proactively in a fair, open and transparent fashion will create confidence among real estate occupiers, investors, analysts and other key stakeholders while mitigating reputational risk. With the recent call from institutional investors for companies to report on their ESG progress, companies that answer this call will help cement their long-term value in the marketplace.

Join Kyle Bolden and Rich Goode from EY who will host a spirited discussion about the key issues, and how companies are addressing social issues in commercial real estate

US-East Region Growth Markets Leader for Real Estate
Americas Climate Change and Sustainability Services Executive Director